April 2014

April 28:
Biblical Worldview: Read chapter 13 Truths and bring one good question to class form the chapter.

April 24:
Speech: Continue working on your magnum opus outline and performance. Bring citations and outline to class for review. Be prepared to discuss your audio/visual — multi-media aids as well.

Jr. U.S. History: See assignment sheet. Don’t forget geography assignment.

Sr. U.S. History: Read section 3 of chapter 23. Come to class prepared for a group quiz or essay quiz over the section. Homeworkdue in class: Read articles and answer questions at end of articles.Do questions in text for section 3. Packet due.

AP U.S. History: Come to class prepared to take Free Response Essay Exam over next two chapters.

Latin 1 and 2: See assignment sheet.

April 23rd:
Biblical Worldview: Bring information about a song, a book, a movie, and a television series to class including, authors, producers, worldview analysis and why you enjoy them.

April 22, 2014
Jr. High U.S. History: See assignment sheet. Don’t forget Great Depression Interviews. Continue preparing for quiz over states and capitals.

Sr. U.S. History: Read Chapter 23, do assessments for sections 1 and 2, pgs. 778 and 786. Come to class prepared for a quiz over the same.

AP U.S. History: Continue to do workbook quizzes for chapters in preparation for AP Exam in a couple weeks. Review note cards.

Latin 1 and 2: See assignmnet sheet for work due.

April 21st
Biblical Worldview: Read chapter 12 and answer questions at end of chapter. Come to class prepared to discuss your answers.

Government: Quiz over chapter 16 vocabulary. Read chapter 16 for discussion of Judicial systems in US.
AP Government: SAA. Also, you should be reviewing vocabulary for the AP exam.Practice Test One is Due today. Take home essays assigned for Weds.

Practical Econ. Read chapter 16 on entertainment. On paper: Bring two free entertainment events you enjoy and discuss how you get them for free. Also, bring two other entertainment events you enjoy and bring a discussion of how you enjoy these events using discounts.

April 17th 2014
Speech: Persuasive speeches continue. Bring topic of Magnum Opus to class for selection and final decision.

Jr. US History: Take Home Test due in class. We will grade it in class and then finish our immigration simulation.

Sr. US History: Exam over Unit-Chapters 20-22 taken in class. Discussion of Great Depression.
AP US History: Essay Exam over next two chapters. You should be reviewing note cards for your AP exam.

Latin I: See assignment sheet.

April 14th
Practical Econ-Do pages 326 and top of 327.

Worldview Read Chapter 11 and devise one question to share with class. Debrief on Entertainment lecture.

April 9th:
Read last three chapters on Psychology or First three on Sociology depending on which Worldview Class you are in.

April 2, 2014
Biblical Worldview: Bring list of 4-6 board of directors to class. Bring boiled down list of skills and actions to class. Bring charts for various worldviews to class.

Government: Do congressional bill handout for your chosen bill. ***Visit to Dayton City Commissioners Meeting at 6pm tonight.For those who want to join us, we will be eating at Arby’s at 160 S. Patterson Blvd around 4:45pm and then going over to the meeting. Plan to meet at the city building at 5:45pm located at 101 W. Third St. The meeting usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

April 7m 2014
Biblical Worldview: Read Chapter 10, answer questions on pages 159-160.

April 1, 2014:
Speech-continue working on persuasive speeches. Have outlines and citations for class review.Beginning thinking about Magnum Opus for final grade.
Jr. US History: See assignment sheet
Sr. US History: Do sections for homework, Come prepared for quiz. Review any documents. Do any handouts.
Latin I and II: See assignment sheet.
Speech-continuing speeches. More persuasive speech discussion. Critiquing of videos. Preparing for the persuasive.
Jr. US History: See assignment sheet.
Sr. US History: Packet for chapter 20 due. Sections 1 & 2 done if possible otherwise 1-4 will be due on Thursday 3/27/14.
Latin I and II: See assignment sheet.

Biblical Worldview: Read Chapter 8. Answer the 5 questions on page 130.

Practical Economics: Field trip to White Allen Chevrolet: How to buy a good used car-cash or credit.

AP and US Government: Quiz over key terms chapter on Congress. Discussion and video on U.S. Congress.

Feb. 27, 2014
US History

Read and do sections 3 and 4 of Chapter 18. Finish packet for 18. Quiz in class over 18.

February 2014

Due March 3, 2012

Biblical Worldview: Read Chapter 6. Bring one question to class from the chapter.

Practical Economics: Bring menu of one week’s worth of food to class. Have itemized list of all foods needed to purchase for a 7 day menu.

Feb. 27, 2014
Speech: Outline informative speech and bring 5 citations to support topic.

US History: Read chapter 18 and do sections 3 and 4. Finish packet for 18. Quiz in class.

Due Feb. 26, 2914. Read chapter 8. Answer questions #27 AND #28 ON PAGE 273.

February 25, 2014.
Speech: Continue demonstration speeches in class. Write 5 need proposition statements for informative speech topics. Bring to class.

Jr. US History: See assignment sheet.

Sr. US History:Handout with questions for T. Roosevelt. Sections for chapter 17.

Latin I and II. See assignment sheet.

February 2014

Feb. 18, 2014:
Speech: Demonstration speeches continue. Begin discussion on Persuasive speeches.

Jr.US History: Consult assignment sheet handed out in class Thursday.

Senior US History: Read chapter and answer questions for sections of chapter 18. Packet due in class.Quiz in class over sections.

Latin I & II: Do assigned work.

Feb. 17, 2014:
Practical Econ: Read chapter 11. Revisit your food budget in your notebook. How much will you spend a day on meals?

Government:Key terms quiz over chapter 8. pg. 243. Homework over media choice turned in.

Biblical Worldview: Read chapter 4 of 7 Truths. Answer questions at end of chapter.

Feb. 11, 2014:
Speech: Demonstration speeches begin. Continue to practice your speeches and come prepared to demonstrate.

Junior U.S. History. Review for Unit exam due. Pop-up quiz in class today.

Senior U.S. History: Chapter 16 section three due and packet for chapter.Quiz in class.

Latin I: Translations as assigned-text and workbook.
Latin II: Translations and quiz as assigned.

Feb. 10, 2014:
Biblical Worldview: Read chapter 3 of 7 Truths come prepared for discussion.

Government: Review Civil Rights chapter and do Get Connected on page 180. Review vocabulary of chapter 6 for quiz. Come prepared to discuss civil rights in the U.S.

Practical Econ: Read chapter 10. Do odd numbers. Bring project to class for discussion of costs if you have not already done so.

Feb. 6, 2014:
Speech-come prepared to re-deliver your story for a new grade if you desire. Bring outline of demonstration speech to class.

Jr. U.S. History:Do geography project over Civil War Battles–one page. Do sections 3 of chapter 16 section reviews and prepare for class quiz over the same.

Sr.U.S. History:Do sections 1 and 2 of chapter 16. Come prepared for a quiz over the same.
A.P. U.S. History: Do chapter 18 study guide. Come prepared for a quiz over the same.

Feb. 5, 2014:
Biblical Worldview: Read text chapter sections through Marxist and Humanist views of biology.

Advanced Placement US History:Quiz over chapter 16 and 17 due in class.
Regular US History: Do sections 1-3 in chapter. Come prepared for a quiz.

Latin I: Translation pages assigned with workbook in class. No quiz in class.
Latin II: Translation assigned and quiz in class.

Jr. US History: Bring geography book. In class group quiz over section 5 of text.Do questions for sections 1 and 2 of chapter 16 Reconstruction.

January 29, 2014:

Biblical Worldview: Read chapter on biology sections 1-4 come to class prepared to discuss.

Practical Economics: Mr. Veley’s Assignment?

Government:Wathc the State of the Union Address and fill out sheets and bring completed form to class for discussion.

January 30, 2014
Latin I-Chapter 13 quiz over vocabulary; workbook pages 13.7-13.8; word study page 25 text.

U.S.History and AP-Read the articles handed out after class and answer the circled questions on each of the pages. Come to class prepared to begin the Pullman trial simulation.

Jr. US History-Read and do sections three and four over the Civil War.Come to class prepared for a quiz over the same.

Speech-Continue to prepare for story telling presentations. Bring two demonstration topics to class to discuss as your next speech.

Jan. 27, 2014

Biblical Worldview: Read chapter one of new book. Generate one question.

Government: First five questions from State of the Union handout. One last presentation on disasters in US history and government response. Finish Katrina video and debrief on who is responsible for the rescue and clean-up.

Practical Economics: Bring houses for final evaluation on how to calculate housing costs. Read over chapter 10.

Speech: Bring two potential topics for demonstration speeches. Review of demonstration handout in class.  Delivery of next 4 to 5 stories in class.

Jr. US History: Read over and do chapter 15 sections one and two about the Civil War. Come prepared for a quiz. Continue work on the packet for the Civil War.

US and AP History: US-read chapter 14 and do sections 1-3. Quiz over this.

Latin I: Translate story on pages 13 and 14. Do workbook pages 13.3-13.6. Quiz over chapter 13 vocabulary on Thursday 1/30/14.

Latin II: Do pages 86-87 in text. Vocabulary quiz 87-89. Workbook finish chapter.



January 23: Homework Due

Speech: Come to class prepared to deliver your story if your name begins with Z through H.

Jr. US History: Read chapter 14 and do the questions for sections 3 and 4. Come to class prepared for a quiz over the same.

Sr. US History: Read the three articles handed out at the end of class. Make sure to answer the questions at the end of the selections.

Latin I: Read and translate page 5. Do workbook pages 13.1 – 13.2.

Latin II: Read and translate pages 75 and 76 including page 83 in text. Do workbook pages 24.5 – 24.6.

January 2014 Homework

January 27: Biblical Worldview-read chapter one in the new book and generate one meaningful question for the class.

Government:Do the first 5 questions for the State of the Union Address worksheets.

Practical Economics:Bring your specific house to class to be review calculations.

January 23:

January 22:
Review ethics chapter. Come to class prepared for in class exam over the chapter.

U.S. Government: Come to class prepared to make your team presentation both visual and verbal over your chosen disaster. Be sure to incorporate lots of details not only about the disaster but also about how each branch of government was engaged or not in the preparedness, rescue, and rebuilding after the disaster.

January 21:
Speech: We will continue to evaluate stories in class as you work on preparing the presentation of your story.

Jr. U.S. History: Geography section due. Chapter 13 sections 1 and 2 due with quiz over the same in class.

Sr. U.S. History: Do the questions for chapter 13 in each section, 1-3. Come to class with the homework and prepared for a quiz over the same.

Latin I: Review of exam performance. Pompeii video in class with all things Pompeian for activities. Each student should bring something they created about Pompeii to share with the class.

Latin II: Continue to work on subjunctives and partake of class activities about Pompeii.

January 20:
Biblical Worldview: Finsh reading Trintiy and Reality. Answer the questions for chapter 10. Come to class prepared to discuss the Trintiy and the book.

Practical Economics: Come to class prepared to calculate your principle, taxes, interest and insurance on the house you have chosen to purchase. We will further debrief on our field trip and compare home ownership/condo ownership versus apartment dwelling.

U.S. Government: Read through chapter 4. Study keywords and come prepared for a quiz over the same. We will begin discussing Civil Rights today and watch a couple of video regarding various forms of discrimination.

January 16, 2014
Speech: Begin working on your story. Parse it and practie it several times outloud using a mirror and whover will listen. We will set delivery dates in class today. Make certain your story covers 5-7 minutes. We will listen to and evaluate stories in class.

Jr. U.S. Hisotry: Have exam proctored, sealed, and signed by a parent. Bring to class for grading Thursday morning.

Sr. U.S. History: Read the two articles given as a handout. Answer all the questions at the end of both readings. Bring to class.

Latin I: Prepare for exam over entire text vocabulary, sentences, and stories.

Latin II: Do worksheets on the subjunctive. Bring to class.

January 15, 2014
Practical Economicas: Do the odd numbers of chapter 9. Bring to class with your permission slip for the hpousing field trip today which includes lunch out.

Biblical Worldview: Bring article to class for discussion if we have not yet discussed your topic for the corporate ethics dialogue.

Government: Do the Get Connected exercise at the end of the chapter. Look up the Pew Foundation and other key words if the web links are broken in order to complete the assignement.

1/14: Speech-choose two published or written stories that you think you would like to present/perform for class in the coming weeks. Bring a copy of these to class for preliminary discussion,

Jr High US History- DO the chapter Review Assessments in the note-taking guide. Come to class prepared for the pop-up quiz in order to prepare for the exam over chapters 11,12,& 13.

Sr. High US History-Do sections 1,2, and 3 for homework for chapter 12. Come to class prepared fora quiz over the same on 1/14.

Latin I and II-Do workbook 12.3-12.10;do page 214-215.Review vocabulary as we finish the book soon and a test is near.

Latin II: Vocabulary 71 and 72; 24.3-24.4 workbook; text page 75-A and B.

1/13: Biblical Worldview-Bring articles on assigned corporations and ethical decisions to class. Come prepared to discuss what these and the failures or successes of the companies involved.

Practical Economics-Do the odd numbers of chapter 9. Pick out a house on-line that you would like to purchase at some point in your life and bring a picture and a description including price to class.

Advanced Placement & Regular U.S.Government-AP-Do chapter 3 review in AP workbook and study for chapter 3 terms quiz. Be certain to thoroughly understand any court cases listed and know the significant dates related to the same. Regular-study for quiz over key terms for chapter 3.

Homework: DA January 2014 Homework

Due 12/9/13 Practical Econ-do packet handout for chapter 7.

Due 12/11/13 Biblical Worldview-read chapter three of text book on ethics sections one and two.

Due 12/5/13 History_ Continue to study and prepare for the Dred Scott Simulation. Begin studying for midterm exam over chapters 4-10.
AP History-begin preparing for midterm exam.

Due 12/3/13 Speech Continue to memorize your poem. Know it extremely well. Three lines will be recited in class for practice on Tuesday. Bring your choice for a children’s book to class for Kiddie Literature–the next assignment.

Due 12/4/13 Practical Economics. Read chapter 7 about credit cards. Do all the odd number Practice and Apply questions in the chapter.Come to class prepared to discuss credit card debt.

Due 12/4/13 Latin I and II. Translations as assigned from book and workbook.

Due 12/9/13 Biblical Worldview-Read chapter 7 of Trinity and Reality and do questions on page 133 for class.

Due 12/4/13 Biblical Worldview Review informal fallacies; do the 10 questions marked and choose 10 additional questions.

12/3/13 Regular and Advanced Placement U.S. History:(Return from Thanksgiving break) Come to class prepared to conduct the Dred Scott simulation trial.Know your parts and prepare for roles thoroughly.You will earn a quiz grade for your ability to be faithful to the character or role you are assigned.

Due 12/2/13 Practical Economics-Flesh out your 1,2,3,4,5 and 10 year financial goals like we did in class on the board. Use real life information where you can get it and use your simulated living arrangement numbers when you need to plug in figures you don’t have. If there are numbers you still don’t have, try to make an educated guess and we will review those in class.Think about 20 year goals but you do not need to put numbers on those.

Due 12/2/13 Biblical Worldview-Read chapter 6 of Trinity and Reality; do questions on page 110.

11/27/13 Latin I-Translation on 166. Three verb tense quiz with Latin to English & English to Latin. Workbook 10.1-10.4. Latin II as assigned.

11/21/13 Latin I-Quiz in class over vocabulary and changing singular to plural & AP; plural to singular.Homework as assigned.

Latin II-Quiz over vocabulary. Homework as assigned.

12/4/13 Regular & Advanced P U.S. History:(Return from Thanksgiving break) Come to class prepared to conduct the Dred Scott simulation trial.Know your parts and prepare for roles thoroughly.

11/26/13 Speech-analyze and paraphrase the poem you plan to deliver to the class.Bring this work to class for a grade & discussion.

11/26/13 Do study guide questions over next section of packet sequentially through page 102.

Speech: Bring in a copy of your poem to parse, discuss and review in class.

US & AP History: Complete Study guide on slavery in America through 1860’s.

AP: Do the study guide for chapter 11. Quiz in class over the same.

Due 11/20/13:
Biblical Worldview: Bring in one significant article from a local news source with specific points of view underlined or highlighted.

Practical Economics: Set some 5 year, 10 year, and 20 year economic goals for your life. Bring these in written form to class.

Due 11/19/13:
Speech-bring paraphrase of your poem to class. Come prepared to perform your poem. Look up another poem of your choosing and bring to class no later than 11/21/13.

Jr. U.S. History-See assignment sheet.

Sr. & AP U.S. History-Read letters pro and con regarding war with Mexico in the mid-nineteenth century. Take a position on avoiding or going to war and write a paragraph defending this.

AP U.S. Continue working on your study guide for chapter 11.

Latin I & II: See sheets for homework assignments.No exams today.

Due 11/14/13 US History: Read chapter 10 do questions for sections 3 &4. Prepare for quiz over same.

AP US History: Read chapter 11. Do study guide for 11. Begin preparing for first practice exam due after Christmas break. All three sections of exam must be timed and taken. But the sections can be separated.

Due 11/14/13 Speech: Analyze your poem line by line thinking of the author’s intent and making sure you understand the meaning of their words in context. Write a minimum of a paragraph of analysis of your piece. Come to class prepared to turn in your writing analysis and to deliver your poem verbally to the class. Re-read chapter 8 in your text.

Latin I-Hold off on preparing for quiz and focus on vocabulary for chapters 5-8 in class Tuesday. Also drill for declensions and Perfect and Imperfect verb forms.

11/18/13 Biblical Worldview-Read chapter 4 Trinity & Reality answer questions at the end of the chapter.

11/13/13 Biblical Worldview- review chapter two on philosophy from primary text. Come to class prepared for a quiz over the various main ideas from these chapters.

11/13/13 Practical Economics-finish packet filling in goals 1 & 2 using money left over from your “budget.”  Do remainder of problems in packet and set 3 additional savings goals.

Homework Assignments

Worldview Assigned 10/28/13

Due 10/30/13: Read sections on Humanism & Marxism. Come to class prepared for discussion.

Due 11/4/13: Read chapter 2 in Trinity & Reality. Do questions at the end of the chapter for collection and discussion.

Practical Economics Assigned 10/28/13

Due 10/30/13: Read chapter 5 in text book. Do three page packet and bring to class.

US History

Due 10/31/13: Re-read chapter 7. Do the review at the end of the chapter. Come to class prepared to discuss issues of early expansion, growth and conflict in the infancy of U.S.

AP US History-Prepare for Exam over Chapter 8.


Continue to prepare for delivery of monologues.

Latin I: Continue to work from handout schedule.

Latin II: See Me.


Latin I & II

Latin II: Memorize vocabulary on 9 & 10. Finish translating Memor I & II. Finish workbook pages for chapter 20.

Latin I: Follow lesson plan on handout w/ changes made in class. Don’t forget the assignment in the back of the book.

AP & US History 10/17/13

Read chapter 7 do sections 3, 4, and 5, Read packet of primary docs. Do 7 questions on Marbury vs. Madison. Quiz in class over 3, 4 , and 5 chapter 7.

AP US History-Do packet for chapter 8.Prepare for quiz in class.Read primary documents.Continue working on DBQ’s.